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Willkommen zu Hause! Welcome home! Bienvenue chez nous!

Markus Bisig is back – your favourite flooring expert.

After twenty years self-employment as a floorer and three years‘ further education: From the 1st of Mai 2015, I’m ready for you again.
Every day I work enthusiastically with commitment. I’m offering you the benefit of over 25 years experince. Our principles are eco-friendly materials, fair prices and absolute reliablity.
Can I inspire you ? Quality from step to step !
Floor Dreams Bisig | Markus Bisig | Boden 17 | 8836 Bennau | 079 406 13 11 | 9inn$for5@fw,loj$orr)drd8eae5mse'bif7siz6g.k$chk
Eidg. dipl. Bodenlegermeister | Hauswart mit Eidg. Fachausweis